3C industry

3C industry is facing the market reshuffle. IT infrastructure becomes the key point!
Chief VPN solutions make connecting to the Internet in a secured way!

3C (computing, communication, and consumer electronics) retail stores in mainland China were facing market reshuffle in the year 2011 since the U.S. manufacturers exited from China market. It provided a good opportunity for Taiwan 3C industries moving into China market and building their retail store network. But for China's vast market, all operational data, of course, should be transferred back to Taiwan through network in approximately real time. An enterprise will than concern how to transfer data back in a secured way.

Q1:To address enterprise security of data transfer, VPN is the currently preferred solution. But under a variety of VPN solutions, a retail store how to strike a balance between security level and operating costs of different branch stores?

Q2:3C retail stores in mainland China always facing the insufficient universality of the network. Although most of places can use 3G mobile phones, but not every place can apply for network service. Under the situation, how to transfer data back into headquarters in a secured way?

Q3:Since the secured tunnel has built between each branch store, they would like to appy more applications on this infrustracture. What kind of applications can bring to retail stores more efficiency or cost effective?

There are many kinds of VPN Solution. But for the limitation of data transmission and web access in mainland China, there are not many service providers available for businesses to choose. Chief Telecom as a leading VPN solutions provider, has built network and IDC to service businesses between mainland China and Taiwan. Chief can provide a variety of network applications to meet the demands of secured connection between China and Taiwan.

Chief VPN solutions meet customer requirements and budgetary 

Generally speaking, most Taiwan 3C industry operators who are running retail stores in China will build their headquarters in Taiwan. They usually apply dedicated MPLS VPN for the stable and secured transmission between mainland China and Taiwan. But between different branch stores in China, the retail store is recommended to choose the economical ADSL VPN. A secure Tunnel is established to Chief's high quality pop sites to meet the requirements of transmission from one store to another. Though the ADSL is not a dedicated circuit, it still has the integrity of VPN solutions with the characteristics of high network quality, security, privacy, and economic benefits. ADSL VPN provides a best cost-effective solution when the businesses want to expand their store coverage. 

For both MPLS VPN and ADSL VPN, Chief will provide on-site installations, even far away in Urumqi, Xinjiang. Besides, Chief also can provide 3G VPN service, to connect headquarters, branch offices, and retail stores as a local area network. No matter how far between each location and headquarters, operational data will be transferred back to Taiwan in the minutes.

Chief Telecom provides 3G wireless data transfer to create infinite possibilities! 

For cities on Mainland cannot apply for Internet service. How the data be transferred?

Chief Telecom provides 3G VPN services on Mainland China. Businesses can apply for 3G Internet service which is provided by China Telecom, China Unicom, or China Mobile and then establish an encrypted virtual private network to transfer operational data. So even if the Internet network has not been set in these cities, 3G VPN still connects businesses without borders.

Sometimes 3G VPN can be a backup solution for businesses which have already applied for MPLS VPN service. For example, stores while holding outdoor promotion sales, 3G VPN can be set up easily to connect POS or inventory system. Thus, 3G VPN can be said as the best solution for mobile positions.

Chief VPN 360 Value-added services

With the complete basement of VPN solutions, data transmission is no longer a problem. Therefore, Chief also provides a complete value-added services, which include Chief VoIP service, online meeting service, cloud data storage, and information security service. Chief can help enterprises to enhance work efficiency and cost saving.

For many years, Chief Telecom accompanies with Taiwan enterprises for expanding their businesses in China. Chief has become the first option of service providers for the enterprises which want to enter China market because of high quality, stability, and localized services. Providing the best services is always Chief's philosophy.