Financial Industry

ECFA accelerates financial Industry building cloud network application. 
Chief Telecom IDC service has acquired ISO 27001 and ISO 27011 certification of information security management.

In the year 2011, the most important issue to financial industry was ECFA agreement and cloud technology. ECFA brough new chances to expand their businesses and cloud technology provides the best solution for them to serve 13 hundred millions users in mainland China. Due to China is a vast market, banks need to deploy their office rapidly if they want to enter this market. The cost is much higher if banks build their own data center. Besides, the lack of time and flexibility will become the bottleneck. How to find a fast, secure, and flexible way has become an important topic in the financial industry.  

Q1:A complete information system is required when the financial industry wants enter the China market. Not only e-banking applications but also communications between banks need a secure and stable platform. Building own data center will result in high cost and is not a flexible option. Choosing best solution carefully becomes the first step to the businesses which want to enter China market.

Q2:Enterprises keep growing after entering China market for a period of time. It may become an issue for them to consider to build their own data center. How can they take the stability and security into consideration for having a stable communication platform between China and Taiwan?

Q3:How to evaluate a data center has carrier-grade safety and service level? In particular meet the requirements including efficiently reduce risks of data security and accomplish data confidentiality, data integrity, and data availability.

ECFA agreement has come into effect on New Year's Day 2011. Total amount of 806 products will be reduced to zero tariffs within two years. At the meantime, China's twelve five-year plans also greatly enhance the domestic demands. These policies show the China market has huge impacts on Taiwan. Taiwan's financial industry must get ready for the large capital requests from enterprises in the next two years.


Upgrading local data center to cloud computing IDC, and thus enterprises can create business opportunities in mainland China easily.

To meet huge IT needs, cloud computing is the best solution. But currently Taiwan financial industry general encounters problems of outdated data center. To compare with the concept of green IT and virtualization, the existed data centers were built for computing performance. Besides, the Taiwan FSC(Financial Supervisory Commission) has asked financial industry to meet stringent information security requirements. The probleme is to re-build qualified data centers is not cost effective. Under this kind of situation, Chief Telecom's Cloud IDC service is the best solution to build a private cloud for financial industry. 

Chief Telecom has over 360,000 sqft space of Telecom and Computing data center. Financial industry can apply suitable space to construct an exclusive area in Chief's IDC center. All communication circuits can also be dedicated. Chief Telecom provides full cloud data center solutions for planning, designing, construction, maintenance, and management. Even regional bank can have approximate service qualities compared with international banking's data center with least cost.

In addition, for fitting the stringent requirements of security from Taiwan FSC, Chief Telecom provides 99.999% high availability of power systems, N+2 dual-circuit air conditioning systems, VESDA fire detection systems, fingerprint identification control systems, and a 24 hours network operation center. Chief is also the first Taiwan telecommunication which acquired ISO 27001 and ISO 27011 certifications in data center security management field. It is not cost effectives if building the data center with those infrustractures and certifications for financial industry. Choosing Chief cloud IDC service makes this easy to have an independent and a complete cloud data center with lower cost. Chief Telecom provides a full range solution of cloud IDC for financial industry.


Connect cloud applications between Taiwan and Mainland China through Chief VPN network

Financial industry must have their own cloud data center if they want to provide financial services in China. Chief Telecom has built good relationships with partners in China for years. Now Chief has deployed high-class data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Dongguan, etc, and can provide better services than local telecommunications in China. Through Chief VPN network, financial companies can connect businesses without obstacles in both sides.

In addition, Chief provides MPLS and VPLS VPN services to let Taiwan headquarters to integrate information seamlessly between Taiwan and mainland China. All data is transferred with encryption through Chief's private network. It achieves the highest level of requirements for data confidentiality and integrity in the branch offices.

Foreign banks who want to enter China market choosing Taiwan as an outpost

Since ECFA agreement came into effect, foreign banks run Asia-Pacific business centers in Taiwan as outposts entering China market. They choose Chief cloud IDC service to assure data security and freedom because mainland is still a country with limited network. To compare with advanced countries like Japan and Singapore, Taiwan is an important technology stronghold with lower cost and higher quality.

Chief's data center is the first choice of neutral international IDC in Taiwan. It aggregates important submarine cables around the world and provides stable and secure data transmission services for both Taiwan and mainland China. In the year 2011, Chief got ISO 27001 and ISO 27011 certifications which are required for operators who want to provide integrated IT services for both sides. The certification coverage includes IDC data center, VPN data center, and NOC. Through systematic control, Chief can effectively reduce the security risks, and then achieve data confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This is why Chief's cloud IDC service becomes the best solution for financial industry who want to enter China market.