Game industry

High quality routes helps game operators speed up developing the mainland market! 
Chief Telecom provides state-of-the-art data center services with the highest standards of information security management.

In the "2010 annual report of China online games market" which was published by the Ministry of culture of mainland China, pointed out that China online games market is growing sharply. The market size has reached 34.9 Billion RMB dollars (NT$ 157.6 Billion dollars). To compare with the previous year, it grew up 26.2%. The number of people who logs in games was reached one thousand and two hundred millions; grows up more than 37%. Taiwan game industry is eager to give it a try when facing the raising mainland marke, but the unstable circuit connection between two sides makes higher cost for establishing an operational base in mainland China. It results in game operators being unable to make up their mind to enter China market.

Q1:With the relationship getting closely, game industry in Taiwan and Mainland China starts to exchange experiences with each other. More and more Taiwan game operators enter mainland market successfully. In such a vast market, how do the operators establish their operational bases with minimal cost?

Q2:Game operators always add new game hosts depend on the growth of users. Particularly for the short-term public test, the concurrent users are always over ten thousands and it sometimes lasts to one month. It not only tests host performance but also the planning of host space, bandwidth, and electricity. How do the operators figure out the operating costs precisely?

Over the past years, Chief Telecom accompanied with Taiwan enterprises entering China market. Chief is familiar with the applications of lots of industries, such as manufacture, technology, retail, and others. According to these different demands of applications, Chief cooperated with many local telecom companies to deploy pop sites and provided optimized network services. Game operators can utilize Chief's stable network and connect to systems in Taiwan through dual-loop submarine cables.


Game operators no longer have to spend a lot of money to rent data center in mainland China due to Chief's stable network between Taiwan and mainland China.

In the past, game operators must established operational base in China because of unstable network connection on both sides. All the operational cost including hosts construction, expensive bandwidth renting, and other facilities purchasing. Those are large scale operators could afford it. Chief broke the rules and provided the best network routes to the operators. Users in China thus can connect to Taiwan game hosts and a huge number of games, videos and pictures through such a stable network. It is no longer a problem if there is a large number of concurrent users want to connect to the system. Nowadays, even a small game which is developed by a SOHO can also share this game in China market without having operational base in China. 

Game operators not only can enjoy the benefits of lower cost of building a base in China, but also have the benefits of centralized server management and software update. Operators can provide services globally in just one headquarters.


Flexibility and security, Chief Telecom is the best partner for the operators.

Game operators needed more flexibility on network connections, easpecially when new games are launched and require a lot of short-term public tests to attract users. During this period of time, operators will require large amounts of bandwidth, power and temporary host leasing. Chief Telecom can provide these services to meet their demands. For example, Chief not only can provide burstable Internet bandwidth service during the time of the activities, but also provides blade server leasing service that can fulfill the game performance needed by operators.

Besides, operators have to face the problems of network security. Chief had solved these problems by providing monitoring services like IPS, vulnerability detection, and warning system of security to monitor the status of connections. Operators can have a complete security protection service.

With Chief Telecom IDC services, game operators can have stable network connections on both sides, a variety of flexible services, and international data centers which were certified by ISO 27001 and ISO 27011. Chief Telecom delivers games Industry the best IDC Solutions.