Chain Industry

Chief Telecom assists chain enterprises to establish their high-quality, standardized management platform through networks

Chief Telecom’s headquarter in Taiwan utilizes network connection in selected points in China, after establishing its IT management system, to standardize chain enterprises’ operational procedures. By balancing its needs to both extend network connection points and maintain service quality, Chief Telecom has been able to create a well-respected brand image to attract more customers.

 After the signing of ECFA, commercial exchanges between Taiwan and China have been increasing rapidly. The Chinese market presents vast business opportunities for the chain enterprise industry in particular, injecting much motivation for these enterprises to expand. The similarities between both societies, in terms of language communication and lifestyle, also attract Taiwanese chain enterprises to extend their territories across the Taiwanese Strait.

Chain enterprises prioritize the expansion of connection points in various regions. For instance, primary and secondary cities such as Beijing, Shianghai, and Hengzhou are selected not only due to high population density and income level, but also for better established financial institutions and transportation infrastructure. As a result, these cities have become highly popular choices for Taiwanese chain enterprises as the first site they set up in China. However, the reality of low profit margins now forces chain enterprises to standardize their management to create more profitability. To make strategic adjustments and local analyses, daily, there is a strong demand for immediate data flow related to product storage and other financial reports from chain enterprises’ Chinese sites back to their headquarters in Taiwan.


Range of network services that fulfills different connection needs

Chief Telecom provides multiple VPN network services for chain enterprises to use VPN’s encrypted network to establish a management connection platform between Chinese sites and the Taiwanese headquarter without setting up their one network structure. This allows related operational information to be communicated securely through the combinational use of software and hardware, integrating chain enterprises’ Know-How to daily operations to maximize chain enterprises’ ability to expand overseas. Chief Telecom’s Product Development manager Kevin Lee emphasizes, “Chain enterprises are primarily concerned about cost-savings.” Renting VPN network services helps eliminate the initial investment in purchasing network equipment, and turns such operational use into a fixed expense that further increases an enterprise’s budget control. If an operational site’s data transmission is much smaller, Chief Telecom also provides a more economical option of ADSL VPN access service to assist chain enterprises’ efforts to effectively lower operational expenses.

Despite having higher population and more mature infrastructure, primary and secondary cities as such offer a much more competitive and hostile environment. As such, chain enterprises need to expand into other cities once they have stabilized operations in their primary and secondary sites to maintain competitive advantage. However, other cities often have varying degrees of development, with some lacking network access. To maintain system connection and data transmission to such regions, Chief Telecom provides a 3G VPN Wireless Network service that combines the 3G network platforms of major Chinese telecommunication players including China Telecom、China Unicom、China Mobile with Chief Telecom’s VPN network.


Supporting mobile management of portable devices

In recent years, smartphones and tablets including iPhone and iPad are overwhelming popular. In order to strengthen management efficiency, chain enterprises have begun to encourage usage of such mobile devices among their traveling employees. Doing so allows storage of an enterprise’s internal data at any time, permitting higher control over the most up-to- speed status of operations. Chief Telecom’s SSL VPN authorizes employees at each overseas site or traveling for business to access internal data through the network after a security confirmation. If the data being stored or retrieved is confidential material, an enterprise would be advised to consider a more advanced security protection. With the combination of MOTP Cloud identification service, it could enter a MOTP one-time password on the mobile device as a double-factor identification method to increase data security.

Even though China boasts a huge market, chain enterprises should never overlook the importance of standardized management as they compete to increase their respective market share. Chief Telecom provides a diversified VPN network connection to assist each overseas site maintain a close connection with its headquarter in Taiwan to systemize management. Additional value-add services such as video conferencing can be used to deliver employee training programs to sharpen employees’ skills. Chain enterprises will only attract more affiliations by establishing a strong foundation for future expansions.


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