Chemical manufacturing industry

Stability and security for VPN connection across the Taiwan Strait is a fundamental requirement for the operations of chemical manufacturers.

The pricing of chemical materials are volatile- the ability to immediately and securely quote prices is the key to competitiveness and success.

 The global price for chemical materials varies greatly. As such, chemical manufacturers view price quoting information as one of their most highly guarded trade secrets. Taiwanese chemical manufacturers with factories located in China all select to use VPN as a medium of data transmission in consideration of data security during the transmission process. However, the various network limitations between Taiwanese and Chinese regions have proved to be concerning, as stability and security issues arise.

Q1: Many Taiwanese chemical manufacturers with factories in China have already VPN in order to transmit data between each regional factory, branch, and their headquarters in Taiwan. Yet, they often encounter

disconnection and unstable transmission. How can an enterprise develop a total solution to securely transmit data based on each factory’s size and strategic needs?

Q2: Besides the transmission issue to China, data filing is also crucial to an enterprise’s business. What are some optional combinations with the VPN system to securely file data?

Q3: Under the Information Protection Act, protection of customer data is equally important. How can an enterprise properly manage enterprise information security?

Due to the fact that chemical prices may change the next day, the ability to securely transmit pricing information is crucial to business strategies including subsequent product stock volume and manufacturing budget.


MPLS VPN Secure transmission solution

Chief Telecom built private lines to China and provides 5-star quality IDC services in order to fulfill client needs for secure data transmission across Taiwan Strait- It is among the best telecommunications service provider in the Greater China region. 

In terms of the best private line across the strait, MPLS VPN offers a level of transmission effectiveness and speed that all customers find satisfactory after actual testing. Private line type of MPLS VPN can also ensure smooth network connection with Chinese sites for headquarters in Taiwan, eliminating any privacy risks. A chemical manufacturer can easily access chemical material information from any other site globally in real time by connecting its VPN to Taiwan, then to its global sites.

Completeness in VPN service, fulfilling chemical manufacturer’s expansion and mobile needs

Generally for Chinese sales offices that often require lower bandwidth as compared to factories or branches, Chief Telecom recommends the usage of IPSec VPN to establish VPN Internet Tunnel as the form of connection service. This not only retains the integration, security, and privacy of VPN, but also offers an economical price that best fits chemical manufacturers’ budget constraints for their expansion agenda.

Sales personnel who are often on the road can easily make an encrypted, off-site entrance to the network wherever he or she can access internet, whether it be in an office or hotel through 3G or wireless network. Mobile devices such as iPad, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are paired with SSL VPN and MOTP for such remote access service. This service allows the establishment of a secure, imaginary private network that is connected to the chemical manufacturer’s internal network. Thus, if sales personnel need real time update on the price quotes for chemicals, they can immediately access the company data as it is revised. From headquarters,  actories, to each sales personnel, Chief Telecom’s complete VPN solution has helped chemical manufacturers establish a digital nervous system that connects all data and information without bounds.


Mobile video conference system- No hurdles to communication in real time, any time

As long as one can use mobile device’s 3G capability to browse the internet, traditional video conferences can break through the typicality of conference rooms. Any moment anywhere could be the perfect time for communication.

Chief Telecom’s video conference system allows a multiple-person, multiple-device online conference. Thus, whenever there is unexpected changes in chemical materials, sales visiting clients in China could always receive real time update resulting from an immediate conference between the Taiwanese product manager and Chinese factory director. This allows all internal parties involved a time flexibility to produce the best solution via mobile devices prior to meeting with and presenting to clients.


Hide chemical formulas in cloud- Chief Telecom’s eStorage Data Backup Solution meets

ISO international certification standards In addition to chemical prices, chemical formulas are the most important commercial lifeline for a chemical manufacturer. Many Taiwanese chemical manufacturers send their confidential data, such as chemical formulas, back to their headquarters in Taiwan to ensure the security of such information. However, DR operations often fail to protect data when only the Taiwanese headquarters’ IDC is safe while Chinese factories’ IDC and personnel monitoring are inadequate. This instead exposes important chemical formulas to a publicly accessible environment.

Chief Telecom’s IDC has achieved double certification of ISO27001 and ISO27011, and offers software, hardware, and personnel management of international safety standards. This ensures the security of chemical manufacturers’ data. eStorage Data Backup solution further encrypts confidential information, with the respective chemical manufacturer as the only holder of the key- even Chief Telecom’s authorized engineers cannot decrypt the key. Since only an enterprise itself can access data through layers of protection not unlike a bank’s safe, every link in the transmission process is highly secure. Thus, storing chemical formulas in Chief Telecom’s cloud data storage platform provides more insurance for chemical manufacturers.


Cloud data security service- Every data package can be managed

In response to the upcoming Information Protection Act, Chief Telecom is launching cloud security policies for its clients. Specifically, cloud security solution is similar to placing an enterprise’s UTM onto cloud. All sites of enterprises’ connection to the network come out of Chief Telecom’s internet window, where an enterprise-specific gateway is established. In addition to filtering hack attempts, trash mails, and harmful links, this can also provide statistical reports of all connection coming in and leaving the enterprise and packaged data to satisfy the requirement under Information Protection Act for enterprises to proactively provide proof.

For many years, Chief Telecom has followed and supported Taiwanese industries’ efforts to expand into the Chinese market. On top of focusing on transmission stability across the strait, Chief Telecom also developed a complete set of value-added services custom-designed for customers. Its success has stem from its willingness to understand customer needs and providing services to meet such needs to the best of its ability.