Retail Industry

How do retail enterprises ensure security and convenience as they operate across the Taiwan Strait in Taiwan and China?

Chief Telecom VPN Solution functions as retail enterprises’ nervous system

Commercial and cultural exchange between Taiwan and China has increased since ECFA’s implementation. Increasing numbers of Taiwanese retail enterprises now aim to enter the Chinese market, a market with 1.3 trillion potential customers.

However, as enterprises expand their number of sites, data transmission and management pose a new challenge. For instance, Engineer J of a renowned chain restaurant enterprise is very concerned.

Q1: Chain enterprises that offer retail services begin their data operation from the moment their customers order food. Each order will be transmitted to a backstage database immediately. An enterprise’s confidential information, such as account data and invoice information, has to transmitted from each individual site back to its headquarter in Taiwan. The mere need for stable connection between Taiwan and china is a challenge in itself, not to mention the necessity to ensure the security of such confidential data.

Q2: Opening up chain stores in China also poses a big question: Since some non-city regions may not offer network service, how do individual sites in these areas transmit data back to the headquarter? This is an issue especially when individual sites are given limited budgets, ruling out the possibility of pulling a private line. At the current stage the only option is to physically mail these data. Not only is this slow and inefficient, there is an inherent risk in losing the data itself during the mailing process.

For many years, Chief Telecom has expanded to the Chinese market along with Taiwanese enterprises. Thus, Chief Telecom has already established important partners in China, connecting more than 30 main hubs for Taiwanese enterprises in China with Taiwan using a high-speed network. Chief is able to offer a higher quality service than many telecommunication providers in China itself. As a result, Chief offers one of the most stable data transmission process especially between Taiwan and China. Clients will always find satisfactory results after they test Chief’s system. For instance, the round-trip time (RTT) between Taipei and Suzhou is less than 30ms. However, stable data transmission between Taiwan and China is a basic requirement. The main reason Chief has been able to retain its success for so many years is its willingness and ability to always offer customized services for its clients based on their individual needs.

The ability to offer multiple VPN solutions based on client need and budget 

Most retail service enterprises in China expand by setting up branches along the first-tier cities along the coast, using them as a center as they expand outwards to more sites. Based on a security consideration, such enterprises would establish their data system in headquarters in Taiwan. They then transmit data from each individual site back to Taiwan through VPN to ensure the security of such confidential commercial information. Due the characteristics of the retail service industry, Chief Telecom suggests that each client use different levels of VPN solutions according to each individual site’s need and budget.

For example, Chief uses a private-line MPLS VPN to transmit data between an enterprise’s headquarter in Taiwan and its Chinese branches in order to offer a high- quality, safe, and secure network that integrates data, voice and video services. As for data transmission from individual sites back to their designated Chinese branch, Chief suggests the use of encrypted ADSL VPN. Despite the fact that the connection between each individual sites and Chief’s IDC is ADSL and not a private line, the high- quality network transmission and economical price best suits the budget considerations as an enterprise expands.

If the individual site is at a more remote location and has no access to ADSL, Chief Telecom provides an alternative 3G mobile VPN or SSL VPN in China. This allows a convenient establishment of a secure virtual private network. Through an encrypted off-site log in process and permissions control, each individual site can securely use and store its enterprise’s applications and database without the need to physically mail any confidential information. Thus, when enterprises expand, they no long have to be concerned over data connectivity.

By using VPN as a foundation, Chief offers all data, voice, and video transmission services

Not only is data transmission no longer difficult due to a strong VPN foundation, enterprises also favor Chief’s voice and video transmission solutions. As an example, Chief’s phone network service in conjunction with VPN solution, offers a secured communication method and provides free-of- charge communication between individual sites within the phone network. In addition, enterprises enjoy a discounted charge on phone calls outside of the network. The reduced phone savings is sufficient for enterprises to afford VPN’s basic structure.

Moreover, Chief’s video conference application is a must. Chief offers software and hardware video conference kit. A range of 5 to 1000 people can be online simultaneously using the video conference software, and enterprises’ private VPN host has the same bandwidth performance as a self-constructed hardware- providing functions such as list searching, conference invitations, immediate or pre-scheduled conference, management of recorded files, and voicemail.

Thus, an enterprise’s headquarter can still manage to meet with each individual site manager, or conduct a 1000-person employee training session as the enterprise expand rapidly into China. If an enterprise wants to connect each individual site’s end-of- year gathering, it can rent an online conference room system for the short term. Chief helps connect individual sites together by offering a flexible rental service, allowing enterprises to make adjusts based on their various needs without having to bear any construction expenses.

Chief Telecom’s VPN solution is similar to a complete, functional nervous system for enterprises- Enterprises can select suitable services based on their budgets. Chief focuses on provides all kinds of enterprise applications, aiming to offer security and convenience without compromise.