Enterprises in Greater China

MPLS VPN integration helps to improve enterprises' operational effectiveness

Mr. Chen is an IT manager of a domestic large enterprise which headquarters is located in Neihu, Taipei. Their business covers the greater China region, including Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong. They provide their products and services to the customers whose enterprises across lots of industries, including communication electronics, consumer electronics, and retail.

In the past, their operational bases were only in Shanghai and Shenzhen. They communicated with headquarters through CPE-BASE VPN, but the unstable transmission quality was keep bothering Mr.Chen. One day, a huge number of packet loss suddenly appeared in a very important global conference call which was through Internet. It resulted in quality of voice dramatically down. Choppy conversations let this important meeting had to be interrupted and finally switched to use general international phone call to keep the meeting going. As a result of this accident, Mr. Chen decided to re-plan their network between operational bases in greater China region.

Positioning in customer perspective, tailored solutions are provided to the customers 

Stanley, sales manager of Chief Telecom, visited Mr. Chen and figured out what the problems they faced of the company. Mr. Chen also pointed out the key points to the current and future network planning:

  • To face many operational bases in greater China region, how to easily manage the network connections between those bases?
  • How does every base connect to headquarters stably and has the best performance when using ERP system?
  • How to plan a high quality network to fulfill functions of VoIP and video conference and save the cost of international calls?
  • How to expand the network flexibly when building up a new operational base?

After the overall planning and considerations, Stanley brought the network planning proposal to visit Mr. Chen again. Stanley listed the key points of the proposal and discussed Chief's MPLS VPN enterprise network solution with Mr.Chen. The Solution not only can integrate data, VoIP, video conferencing and other value added services, but also maximize the benefits of IT investments. Following are the main suggestions:

  • Planning appropriate network bandwidth for different operational base according to different applications and the number of concurrent Internet phone calls.
  • Small operational bases can connect to headquarter by using IPSec VPN.
  • For the sales and technical staffs who are not usually in the offices, SSL VPN can be used for remote data access.
  • Apply redundant circuits for Taiwan headquarter, and IPSec VPN for operational bases as backup solution.
  • Managers whose offices are located in mainland China can connect to the Internet from Chief IDC, and enjoy a variety of Internet business applications without limitations.
  • Using the threat prevention security management system to ensure network security.
  • By using Chief VoIP service, enterprise can have free on-net calls and cost-saving off-net calls.
  • Using online video conferences, offsite data storage and other value added services, strengthening communication and data preservation.


Chief VoIP service helps to save cost and increase convenience 

After using Chief MPLS VPN solution, the VoIP quality problem used to bother Mr.Chen was indeed solved. Chief VoIP service is another solution that can be combined with MPLS VPN service. No matter employees are in Taiwan headquarter, Hong Kong or China branch offices, Chief VoIP service can saves a huge amount of communication cost when dialing international, mobile and long distance phone calls.


Online real time meeting improves communication effectiveness and reduce costs 

Mr. Chen also thought about the communication problems through phone calls when discussing manufacturing processes. It was not effective and often misunderstood. Chief online real time meeting service helps to provide a meeting platform that participants can show the related pictures or data during the meeting. It not only shortens the time for discussion, but also saves cost of buying expensive video-conferencing equipment.

Through this service, Mr. Chen can hold multi-location conferences or trainings that utilize existing network and PCs anytime. Even if it is a long distance communication, this service can also resolve problems quickly and improve the communication efficiency.


It makes offsite storage and restore easily by saving important data in the cloud.

As the company is growing, Stanley recommended Mr. Chen adopting cloud storage for the offsite data backup. Mr. Chen mentioned that there was an accident of broken hard disk half year ago. He was happy for applying this service before the accident. It helped to restore data quickly. Now Mr. Chen can make regular backups of file servers or data in the database. Through proprietary backup software, it can schedule and do the backup job automatically. All data are compressed and encrypted during the process. Users can have a professional offsite backup and restore service in the cloud. Every time the job is done, user will receive a report from the system via e-mail. It can help users to verify the job successful or not. 

After a year of operation, Mr. Chen says that he appreciates Chief's professional services. Chief Telecom helped them advance to the next step in the very beginning. It makes the following applications and expansions more flexible. Chief also helps to save operational cost and strengthen operation effectively. Mr. Chen is very satisfied with Chief's services.