Optoelectronics Industry

Introducing Chief Telecom’s MPLS-VPN and Phone Network to create a perfect communication platform between Taiwan and China

Wilson is the IT manager at a leading firm in the Taiwanese optoelectronics industry, one that specializes in producing camera modules for laptop computers and partners with all of the five biggest global laptop suppliers. To satisfy its need to share data among its Taiwanese headquarter, Shanghai branch, and Kunshan factory, the company utilizes

Chief Telecom’s MPLS-VPN solution with a cost-saving phone network service. These services have helped Wilson’s company dramatically reduce utility expenses resulting from traditional phone services while improving the quality of client services to further its overall competitiveness.


Introducing data and phone network system: Building a communication platform between Taipei and China

Under the limitations of available talent in the IT department, Wilson hopes to lower the difficulty to manage his company’s network while ensuring the quality of overseas data transmission by constructing an imaginary network.Due to the fact that the company’s business partners are geographically dispersed throughout China, Japan, US, and Europe, the sales department’s phone fees have also multiplied. Despite having already constructed a system to minimize phone fees, the results have been less than ideal. Thus, Wilson proactively analyzed each telecommunication company’s potential solutions, hoping to introduce a new phone network system along with a data transmission solution. “In the process of selecting a telecommunications supplier, our company indicated our current and future strategies. Chief Telecom’s sales and technical teams provided us very constructive suggestions. Thus, we decided that Chief Telecom’s overall solution best fits our future development plans and needs after careful evaluation of its price, ability, service quality, and overall experience. ”, Wilson said satisfactorily.


Telecommunications network available across multiple regions, providing complete technical support

One of the primary reasons that Wilson’s company ultimately selected Chief Telecom is its plentiful experience in establishing backbone networks across different sites to provide the most complete and immediate technical support. Chief Telecom’s VPN solution utilizes MPLS technology to avoid the inconvenience of having to inspect IP header in the case of a traditional Routing base. The technology also speeds up the process of packaging- a combination of data, voice, and video applications with service protection and traffic classification allows the direct connection between users’ local network from various locations to construct a private network platform.

 Wilson points out, “As we introduced the MPLS-VPN Solution to our company, Chief Telecom’s technical teams in Taiwan and China provided full support. Due to their efforts, we were able to complete the introduction and testing within three days. Their resourcefulness and experience gave us exceptional assistance.” Due to the stability of network quality, Wilson’s company is able to smoothly and efficiently utilize ERP application, data storage and retrieval, data exchange, and voice transmission services through their rented bandwidth. Moreover, MPLS-VPN’s closed structure effectively protected the privacy of communications within a network, removing any concern over leakage of confidential information. This, along with SSL VPN application, further ensures the security of remote access of data.


Introducing Chief Telecom’s Phone Network, Saving as much as 40% of Phone Charges

Wilson’s company not only uses Chief Telecom’s phone network in i Taiwanese headquarter, but also in their Shanghai branch and Kunshan factory. This significantly lowers phone charges that can easily accumulate from constant international, mobile, or long-distance calls as employees communicate with clients. Wilson stated, “Based on statistical results, we have been able to save 16% in phone charge expenses, even reaching 40% at one point. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Chief Telecom’s phone network.

In order to avoid changing employees’ phone call habits, Chief Telecom made design changes based on the previous phone code usage of Wilson’s company prior to setting up the phone network service. This eliminates the trouble for employees to memorize a long list of new numbers.

“Considering the need for R&D and production teams across the Taiwan Strait to communicate, we expect to include video and image transmission to strengthen efficiency of production scheduling across the strait. This will reduce unnecessary communication expenses, and minimize effective product development and manufacturing time. “, Wilson mentioned. As the company continues to receive higher sales volume and expand, informational management can help achieve higher production capability and efficiency. Wilson shared his unique approach to information technology management: “Information technology management and operations can only be flexible by focusing on long-term needs, overall consideration, and sequential enactment.” This determination to develop solid foundations along each expansion stage has allowed Wilson’s company to hold on to its status as the leading optoelectronics manufacturing firm in Taiwan in a rapidly changing industry.