Cloud Computing Platform


Chief Telecom (Chief) is the leading brand of carrier neutral Internet data center (IDC)  and network service provider in Taiwan.  With the twin international IDC architecture design, the dual datacenters, power, network backup and recovery system all contribute to the high quality of secure global Internet services in Taipei, allowing “Chief Cloud Computing Platform” to offer international class of Internet and cloud services.


“Chief Cloud Computing Platform” provides dedicated virtual computing and storage resources along with Internet access based on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), offering clients a comprehensive computing performance and access management. The platform focuses on combining enterprise ICT and cloud application services based on existing telecommunications data services.


Cloud Computing Platform Service Modes


(1)Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS)

For Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) service, we lease one virtual server to a client and provide units of Ccpu, RAM and HDD storage, allowing the client to deploy the virtual server’s full-capacity of computing power and access management. VDS allows clients to have root/administrator access to the operating system of that virtual server. In addition, clients can deploy the complete virtual server and its bandwidth resource. Moreover, clients can adjust the server environment according to its applications anytime. We will be able to effectively enhance clients’ operational performance through our professional server management and consulting, data and recovery system support, and safe, fast and stable network connectivity. 


(2)Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

VPC includes several Ccpu computing resource pools, targeting clients who are medium-sized Internet value-added service providers, SaaS service providers, and enterprise private cloud users, enabled by a computing architecture composed of multiple virtual servers. Besides resource pools combined by multiple virtual servers, VPC also offers professional information security service and recovery mechanism, with connections to dedicated defense and detection centers around the world. With 24/7 real-time update of technologies, we can update the latest Internet threat definitions at the fastest pace every day. 

VPC servers are situated in Chief’s IDC which is ISO 27001 and 27011 certified, and is resistant to earthquakes of up to Richter magnitude 7.0. Apart from providing Internet connectivity of international standards, Chief’s network operations center (NOC) also provides 24/7 strict security control and advanced fire prevention and alert system to oversee the real-time situations of virtual systems, and to effectively secure users’ Internet connection and intellectual property. 

(3)Cloud Data Center (CDC)

CDC is a complete virtual platform rental service situated in Chief IDC’s cloud data center, providing a self-controlled cloud environment to clients such as online game providers, entertainment industries, large Internet portal and e-commerce, cloud applications providers, and medium and large enterprises (with CDC serving as their remote recovery data center). Through our professional CDC service, our clients can significantly reduce expenses from IT equipment investment at the early stage to maintenance costs at the later stage. In addition, through “Chief Cloud Computing Platform,” we provide high-quality services different from the general IDC value-added services. For example, we offer enterprise clients physical-to-virtual real-time recovery services through fast application deployment system, or realize dynamic cloud deployment and resource allocation between cloud platforms via global Internet, international telecommunications network or concatenation of cloud-to-cloud mechanism, enabling dynamic cloud deployment and temporary allocation of computing resources, so as to empower client’s digital transformation and achieve operational competitive advantages. 

Cloud Computing Platform Service – Features 

Resource pool with virtualized infrastructure

Apart from operating system (OS) virtualization, traditional infrastructure such as CPU, RAM, HDD, firewall, network switch and server load balancer can all provide computing resources as resource pools through advanced virtualization technology.


Unlimited expansion – Fast and flexible

We bundle application and environment to simplify program deployment, and easily duplicate and transfer application service from one data center to another. By doing so, operation will be sustainable and expansion will be more flexible.


Application data security

We provide comprehensive cloud mirror storage to sustain data availability. Clients can choose additional system data backup and recovery services through value-added application service system. 


IDC and Internet connectivity environment of international standards

In our world-class IDC, we provide rack spaces with internationally certified specifications, including comprehensive power supply, air-conditioning, fireproof and earthquake-resistant structure, information security, 24/7 NOC, and quadruple infrastructure architectures with dual redundancy support to meet the demand of high-standard infrastructure for cloud service platforms. We also provide fast cloud applications globally through international Internet connectivity. 


VM value-added services for further security goals

All cloud virtual systems provide comprehensive mirror storage to secure sustainable data availability. Users can choose from basic or advanced value-added application services through our value-added application service system to achieve further security goals.


Professional Internet connectivity

Clients can connect to Chief’s international and domestic Internet backbone in the IDC and also to TPIX. In addition, flexible bandwidth adjustment enables users to have quick access to cloud experience. Moreover, users can create an enterprise-dedicated private cloud or hybrid cloud architecture through enterprise VPN to meet the needs of different application services. 


Professional cloud service team

We provide clients with cloud service solutions and after-sales performance management services through our leading cloud service, experience, and technology. 


Enterprise Hybrid Cloud

With the integration of enterprise VPN, and through the planning of hybrid cloud architecture along with cloud self-management service at user side, we establish the info-communications structure of enterprise’s dynamic application cloud of the future.

  • We support clients to connect to cloud platforms via MPLS VPN and Internet VPN.
  • Clients can access to cloud resources 24/7 via hybrid cloud architecture and the cloud self-management service portal.
  • We integrate cloud applications such as cloud information security, cloud storage, and cloud recovery and backup.
  • We provide fast and flexible support to info-communications needs of enterprises and IoT applications, and offer dynamic cloud application services to enterprises not only in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, but also around the world.