Log Analysis


For enterprise users, whether they are requested by government regulations to store daily logs for future queries and for producing statistics reports, or they expect to improve information security and the performance of IT system, LogAnalysis is now their best solution.

Enterprise users will not need to spend a lot of funds on software/hardware for log collection and storage every year now. With LogAnalysis, enterprise users can upload system logs, network equipment logs, information security incident logs and NetFlow/sFlow data to LogAnalysis through internet, and complete the task of log storage and management. A dedicated Portal will be available for enterprise users to check daily logs and produce necessary statistics reports.

LogAnalysis has a built-in AI system that will analyze the collected logs and NetFlow/sFlow data. If there is abnormal increases of information security incidents or network traffic, the system will issue alerts automatically and show on Dashboard. In this way, enterprise users are able to manage incidents that require emergency action and complete daily management and operation maintenance works effortlessly.

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