IBM Cloud Direct Link

As the leading brand of worldwide public cloud services and having around 60 cloud datacenters around the world, IBM Cloud not only provides a complete range of secure cloud solutions including enterprise hybrid cloud, private cloud and applications, but also is currently the only one among cloud service providers that can offer highly efficient bare-metal servers. IBM Watson, on the other hand, is also the leader of cognitive solutions in the industry. As the integrated enterprise solution provider in various fields, IBM has a great many of enterprise customers who never stop looking for newer and more all-round IBM Cloud solution and application.

However, as IBM has yet to have a local datacenter in Taiwan, users will still have concerns over the stability and security of internet connection quality when they access IBM Cloud through public internet and exchange crucial data or huge amount of data, with examples being possible detour of internet routing via other countries, or non-compliance with enterprise security standards. Understanding the requirements of enterprises, Chief Telecom establishes the solution of “Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) x IBM Cloud Direct Link,” which offers IBM Cloud Direct Link service; users will be able to access IBM Cloud for enterprise cloud applications via Chief Telecom’s POPs of global network backbone, and enjoy a private connection quality that is secure, fast and low-latency.

Service Feuatres

Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) x IBM Cloud Direct Link provides enterprises with:

  • Direct access to IBM Cloud through Chief Telecom’s POPs of global network backbone.
  • Private connection service for using IBM Cloud Direct Link.
  • Better connection reliability and delivery rate.
  • Stable connection with low latency (POP to POP).
  • Higher connection speed (maximum 5Gbps).

Network Service Architecture

Target Users

  • Those who require guarantee of internet connection quality when accessing key enterprise applications.
  • Those who require secure connections when accessing IBM Cloud ’s business application and cognitive services.
  • Those who deploy IBM Cloud for enterprise data storage, back up and disaster recovery (DR) applications.
  • Those who need to transfer a large amount of data to IBM Cloud consistently or within a short period of time.
  • Those who need to solve the issue of poor internet connection quality at certain areas.


Service Benefits

  • Better connection quality: Higher service quality and reliability are ensured for enterprise key applications through dedicated connections with IBM Cloud.
  • Guaranteed secure connections: Instead of connecting through public internet, users will be free of worries to transfer sensitive data through connections that are safe and reliable.
  • Flexible speed choices: Connection speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 5Gbps are available based on users’ needs.
  • Lower transmission cost to the cloud: IBM Cloud offers different transmission rates for local routing and global routing, which will be even more cost-effective when transmitting large amount of data


How to Apply

  • Apply through Chief Telecom’s sales representatives directly.
  • Call Chief Telecom Customer Service Center at 070-1017-1800.
  • Leave your contact methods at Chief Telecom’s official website, and a dedicated contact window will be in touch.