Cloud Computing Platform Value-Added Services

Chief Cloud Computing Platform Value-Added Services



Chief Cloud Computing Platform Value-Added Services

  1. Basic Value-Added Services

  2. Internet Traffic Monitoring and Management Services

  3. Hybrid Cloud VPN Integration Service
    Chief Cloud Computing can integrate with Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX), the multi/hybrid cloud connection platform. Through CCX, Customer can easily build the VPN connections from private environment to the cloud platform either through dedicated line, xDSL VPN, or Tunnel VPN. Customer can also build the multi cloud environment to global famous public cloud provider with high reliability, high delivery rate and high quality connection. In this way, enterprises can flexibly expand private or hybrid cloud to reach the goal of shifting enterprise information system to the cloud.

  4. Information Security and IPS Services


    Advanced IPS Services

  • Dedicated dynamic information-integration webpage for information security: This service offers dynamic information-integration webpage and real-time notifications for information security. Enterprises can define their own threshold, and when anomalies arise, real-time alerts and blocking will be available as well as related report functions.
  • By default, one IP (public IP of the VM under IPS protection) will be monitored.
  • Customized security policies are available for respective information security requirements. Depending on customer’s requirement, a full range of protection mechanism is available, such as those against network intrusions, hackers, DoS/DDoS attacks, botnets, and other system vulnerabilities announced by National Center for Cyber Security Technology.
  • Additional IP blackhole service is available (100 sets of IP by default).
  • Top N reports are provided, with which users can select between different parameters such as a certain period, keyword, source/destination IP, source/destination port, equipment, and chart type to produce daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports online. Available report formats include PDF, CSV, HTML, XML and so on.
  • Protocol (TCP/UDP/ICMP) real-time strip charts are available on internet traffic report.
  • Packet size (64/128/256/512 Bytes) real-time strip charts are available on internet traffic report.
  • Active learning ability is enabled, with which the system can analyze based on past data and find out which incidents, source IP, and destination IP are experiencing spiking numbers of Hit Count and create alerts actively as well as show trend charts in reports.
  • The above active learning ability also includes NetFlow traffic information analysis, which can actively alert when there are abnormal packet/byte increase.


    How to Apply

  • Apply through Chief Telecom's sales representatives directly.
  • Call Chief Telecom Customer Service Center at 070-1017-1800.
  • Leave your contact methods at Chief Telecom's official website, and a dedicated contact window will be in touch.