Cloud VM Information Security Protection

Security protection designed for cloud services and serving right from the cloud.

Chief cloud computing platform service not only takes care of the security of physical and network infrastructure levels and hypervisor, but also strengthens cloud VM’s information security and verification mechanisms, so as to protect customers’ OS, applications and data on the cloud. Deep Security Service provides speedy deployment process and eliminates information security breaches, protecting system workload as well as maintaining flexibility.

Chief Cloud Security as a Service offers all the required protection functions, which spares enterprises of the heavy management work and makes them able to focus on their core business.

The service supports public clouds, hybrid clouds and multi clouds, and safeguards all platforms. Through the installation of Agents, enterprises can monitor and protect their server farm no matter it is located inside the HQ, datacenters, or even the VM on Chief Telecom IaaS platform. The structure is as below:

Service Functions

Service Features


What Cloud VM Information Security Protection Offers Users

  • Less workload: The service provider is responsible for updates on service and protection database, so enterprises can focus on their core business.
  • Safe environment for development and operation: Scripts of configuration settings and management tools are provided, so enterprise users can integrate security protection into operation.
  • Host control and management: Through host control and management, users can have customized protection with tags based on different workloads, and automatically protect new instances when they come online.
  • Proactive protection: Proactively protecting the instances instead of passively sending out alarms when intrusions are detected.
  • Multiple security control and management along with single, lightweight agent: Powerful security control and management function is provided so enterprise users can reduce investment in management and procurement. The agent is able to monitor workloads and allow enterprise users to apply security control and management policies with tags, in which way the agent is simplified.
  • Swifter regulation compliance: In compliance with major regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST and SAS 70, with detailed reports available for audit, prevented attacks records, and compliance status for checkup.


How to Apply

  • Apply through Chief Telecom’s sales representatives directly.
  • Call Chief Telecom Customer Service Center at 070-1017-1800.
  • Leave your contact methods at Chief Telecom’s official website, and a dedicated contact window will be in touch.