Cloud Security

In order to ensure that customers have highly information security of internet datacenter and networks, and also to ensure that the security of important data and systems after the cloud meets international standards, Chief has invested huge resources in recent years and has obtained ISO 27001, ISO 27011, ISO 27017 and ISO 27018. The international quadruple security certification ensures the security of the information in the Chief IDC and the network, and ensures the security of important data and system in the cloud.

Chief APP Cloud provides a complete security solution for customers from the end to the cloud, whether it is to enhance the user's secure login, or to provide anti-virus and anti-malware for the server farm, and provide related defense services such as IPS and WAF. Customers can feel at ease to use Chief cloud service.


Information Security Applications

iDenPass 2FA

Most cases of identity theft originated in leakage of user accounts and passwords. In response to such incidents, the new ID authentication technology – iDenPass – was in place. With iDenPass, users will no longer need to type in passwords; the technology combines the App on smart phones and authentication server to identify the user, who will be notified by push messages and let the enterprise server know why he/she is accessing the system at the same time. Consequently, the two-way authentication is able to guarantee secure transactions in between by providing different interaction modes of authentication depending on the user’s action.

iDenPass offers highly secured authentication mechanism, as its creation of passwords and authentication design both comply with FBI’s standard information security control devices rated FIPS140-3. By encrypting the fields with sensitive information in the database, iDenPass prevents data from being accessed without permission and leaked outside. As it emphasizes innovation that is secure and valuable as well as the best user experience, iDenPass 2FA’s secure, simple, effective and user-friendly authentication mechanism is no doubt fintech, internet, and gaming industries’ most trust-worthy identity authentication application.
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For enterprise users, whether they are requested by government regulations to store daily logs for future queries and for producing statistics reports, or they expect to improve information security and the performance of IT system, LogAnalysis is now their best solution.

Enterprise users will not need to spend a lot of funds on software/hardware for log collection and storage every year now. With LogAnalysis, enterprise users can upload system logs, network equipment logs, information security incident logs and NetFlow/sFlow data to LogAnalysis through internet, and complete the task of log storage and management. A dedicated Portal will be available for enterprise users to check daily logs and produce necessary statistics reports. 

LogAnalysis has a built-in AI system that will analyze the collected logs and NetFlow/sFlow data. If there is abnormal increases of information security incidents or network traffic, the system will issue alerts automatically and show on Dashboard. In this way, enterprise users are able to manage incidents that require emergency action and complete daily management and operation maintenance works effortlessly.
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F5 Cloud-Based Information Security Application Solution

As influenced by the advent of cloud service era, enterprises have become more and more open to cloud services. Unlike in the past when enterprises only move non-core business tasks to the cloud, nowadays more and more enterprises are gradually moving their core business tasks there and building enterprise private or hybrid cloud to provide application services, and security has become the most important function module as enterprises shift to the cloud. The information security protection mechanism of cloud services focuses more on the application itself and the availability of cloud platform, which is different from traditional data centers that focus on each layer of physical security.

Chief cloud-based information security application solution deploys its infrastructure in Chief Cloud IDC and combines cloud-based F5 applications to provide enterprise customers with a cloud solution that is easy to deploy and complies with enterprise information security guidelines. Enterprise users are able to enjoy international grade of information security services provided by F5 applications with only monthly rental, and use applications such as load-balancing, firewall, WAF, anti-DDoS and mobile secure access. Chief also provides license rental of software-version F5 applications so that it can fulfill customer’s overall information security requirement in a hybrid cloud structure.
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