Cloud Data Storage

Cloud Data Storage

Chief Cloud Integrated Storage Service (CCIS) catering to the rapidly growing enterprise cloud data storage market. Compared to major cloud service providers. Enterprises can use S3 protocol, back up their data via Internet to Chief’s cloud data center with two data copies at the same time.

Chief Telecom is the first cloud service provider in the Greater China region to  join the “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” program, to provide  an integrated and localized enterprise cloud storage service in Taiwan. Intel’s “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” program makes it easier to identify cloud services running on Intel-based infrastructure, offering added service performance, reliability and security. This program exposes capabilities inside a cloud service that helps users to make more informed decisions, so they can choose the optimal workloads to run. Choosing the right instance can have a significant development and operations cost savings, or provide the performance required for more demanding workloads.


Cost saving for massive enterprise data stored and managed on cloud enabled by CCIS

Over the past few years, the demand for enterprise data storage has been rapidly increasing, but it would be a heavy burden on individual companies if they want to set up their own datacenters. In addition to the cost and manpower required for setting up datacenters, there are various other costs related to hardware upgrades and datacenter maintenance. Chief’s cloud center has an existing IDC as well as rich telecom resources, and CCIS makes enterprise cloud solutions readily available to individual companies for them to use without their own datacenters.


CCIS’ resolution to enterprise customers’ five major concerns with cloud data storage

1) Whereabouts of cloud data:

Enterprise cloud service subscribers generally do not like to upload their important data to anywhere that they are unfamiliar with. Chief Telecom’s local IDC is “visible” to subscribers and they can always rest assured of readily available local support vis-a-vis the response time required by overseas CSPs if any irregularity happens.

2) Real-time access:

Addressing the issue of data access speed limited by bandwidth, CCIS’s software places customer data in customers’ own storage gateways to ensure both effective access and customers’ full control of access authorization. Customers are able to fully control the real-time access to, and security of, their data.

3) Cloud storage security:

The CCIS, utilizing Intel® AES-NI, enables fast and active encryption of data when they are uploaded and stored, providing multiple layers of protection to ensure more secure cloud storage.

4) Affordability of disaster recovery:

The CCIS provides remote replication and disaster recovery as soon as possible without significant investment from customers. Data backup-wise, the CCIS makes a backup in customers’ own storage gateways and the data uploaded to the CCIS cloud platform will produce two backups that are tightly protected. Therefore, the risks of data losses or damages are reduced to a minimum.

5) Affordability:

Existing cloud storage services in Taiwan charge not only storage space fees but also data traffic fees. The CCIS only asks for storage space rentals and provides free access to data in its cloud center. Extra fees will be charged only when data traffic exceeds designated storage space limits.


Product information

Enterprise subscribers may now go to the service website of BOSSWIN at to click on the integrated enterprise cloud storage service of BOS699, i.e., the CCIS, or go to the website of Chief Telecom at to download the service application form. After applicants fill the application form and mail it to Chief Telecom, you will be contacted by Chief Telecom customer service personnel providing application and installation assistance.