AWS Direct Connect

As the era of cloud computing takes hold, an increasing number of enterprises have shifted to solutions based on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The purposes are to improve the end-user experience while flexibly expanding the capacity of enterprise systems and increasing data storage, fulfill the needs for the development of cloud-based enterprise application services, cut high-cost and high-risk capital expenditures, and achieve operation goals in a short time.

However, enterprises face problems such as unstable connection and security issues as they exchange important or a large amount of data through public Internet to clouds. Hence, to ensure a safe and stable connection, Taiwan’s AWS users are forced to connect to AWS cloud platforms through overseas servers in Japan, Singapore, or Hong Kong, thereby significantly increasing the cost for establishing connection. To improve the connection quality of enterprise public clouds and meet the requirements of information security, Chief Telecom-a partner of AWS based in Taiwan-provides a private connection solution called “Chief Cloud eXchange + AWS Direct Connect”. Compared with regular public Internet connection services, it is more reliable, faster, and has a lower latency, thereby alleviating enterprises’ concern over the connection to AWS data center and enjoy AWS's lower cost of data transfer rate.


Service Features

  • Access to Chief Global MPLS VPN POPs
  • Enjoy AWS private connection service
  • Better security and connection reliability
  • Higher connection speed (up to 10Gbps)

Target Customers

  • Require high-performance, secure connections to the AWS cloud services platform
  • Need to transfer a large amount of data in a short time, and need to apply AWS big data computing resources
  • Require AWS for enterprise storage, backup and Recovery (DR)
  • Need to use AWS platform to provide video and multimedia application
  • Require AWS fast computing power

Service Benefits

  • Better connection quality: Accessing AWS via dedicated express routes to achieve higher service quality and reliability for enterprise key applications
  • Guaranteed secure connection: Utilizing dedicated routes/VPN instead of public Internet to provide customers with safe and reliable connection for delivering sensitive data.
  • Flexible bandwidth options: Depending on customer’s requirement, we offer bandwidth ranging from 10Mbps to 10Gbps, which suits the needs of enterprise key applications (low to mid speed) and big data and multimedia applications requiring large amounts of data transfer.
  • Lower data transfer charges over the cloud: Enjoy lower data transfer charges by deploying Chief Cloud eXchange to connect to AWS, which is even more cost-effective for customers in need of transferring a large amount of data.

Service Architecture

AWS Direct Connect is recommended to build High Resiliency for Critical Workloads by the guideline of AWS Well-Architected framework: