Tunnel VPN

In addition to large enterprises use MPLS service for internal data and voice communication, many SMEs have the same needs, but suffer from the high monthly leased line connection cost, and thus delay the progress and loss the grow opportunity.
Tunnel VPN is a cost efficient service to fulfill SMEs VPN requirement.  Chief Tunnel VPN service is based on IPSec technology,  not only retains the original VPN integration, it also has a high quality and privacy, can effectively help companies reduce operating costs and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. 

Service feature:

  • Backbone:  The MPLS backbone, is under fully redundant design and monitored 24x7 in real time. 
  • Access Service: The Internet (Secured via IPSec) is provided for high security, flexibility, easy implement and economic access solution. 
  • Managed CPE:  The CPE router, which is installed at the customer site. Chief provide install, manager and maintenance service to built the IPSec Tunnel to secure confidential data through Internet.

Network Topology