Chief Telecom MPLS VPN (Multi-protocol Label Switching Virtual Private Network) is a network-based MPLS that provides any-to-any intranet connectivity with highly secure traffic segmentation and enhance the efficiency of data and voice transmission for business users with the guarantee of QOS. By virtue of setting up international private network for business users, the whole connection will be processed via the private network without going through the public network.


Service feature:

  • Backbone:  The MPLS backbone, is under fully redundant design and monitored 24x7 in real time. 
  • Access Service: The dedicated circuit (Leased line, Ethernet) is provided for high qulity, secure, stable network performance for voice, video and critical business traffic.
  • Managed CPE:  The CPE router, which is installed at the customer site. Chief provide install, manager and maintenance service to secure service level and reduce customer onsite management cost. 
  • Continuity Solutions: In each customer site, Chief select the best meet service quality and budget requirements package.
    Chief also provides different backup solution (dual access, xDSL or Internet via IPSec) to increase service continuity level. 


Network Topology