Chief Link VPN

Chief Link VPN is a trademark of Chief's IP VPN services based on enhanced Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. Aiming to deliver enterprise customer / global NNI partner a highly secure,  quality, any-to-any private networking service in more than 30 cities in Greater China Region.

Chief Link VPN Service type:

  • MPLS VPN:  Use dedicated leased line as access circuit, MPLS VPN provide customer a high security, stability and guarantee QoS service.
  • Tunnel VPN: Use high secure Tunnel technology over Internet, Tunnel VPN provide customer a high security, cost efficiency and quick implementation VPN service.
  • ADSL VPN: Chief provides a private xDSL VPN network in Taiwan region, customer can enjon a high secure and economic VPN service in Taiwan. 


Chief Link VPN Service Advantage:

  • Provide a reliable and amenable service, offering guarantee SLA.
  • Capable of meeting a wide range of customer requirements, such as security, stability and quality of service (QoS) and any-to-any connectivity.
  • Complete networking solution in Greater China.
  • Professional service team.
  • One stop shopping service for Enterprise and Global NNI partner.
  • 7x24x365 NOC and Customer Service Center