Submarine Exchange Center

There are several major marine cable systems in Pan-Pacific Asia Region, including marine optical fiber cables of EAC & C2C, RNAL, and FNAL, meet at Chief's Taipei Carrier-Hotel. Those optical fiber cables land on the shore of different area, then are connected to carrier-hotel in the cities, through backbone networks, for inter-connections with customers.


Those three marine cable systems' ITMC (International Telecom Machine Center) are located in Chief's building. Business users and other communications and network carriers may have their equipment co-located in Chief's facility too to be connected to the optical fiber cables, and linked to the rest of the world through different networks. Besides, those users may further connected to other marine cable systems through local fixed network providers. In Pan-Pacific Asian countries, Chief's Carrier-Hotel is one of the very few sites, which offer gateways to so many marine cable systems. In turn, those cable systems then are surrounded by countless telecommunication service providers and network services providers. TPCX (Taipei submarine Cable eXchange) naturally emerges with various telecommunication resources.