Chief owns three IDC buildings in Nei-hu area. Chief only builds World-Class Telecom Operation Center and best-designed power line and network infrastructure. We spared no expense in creating safe, secure, stable and reliable environments that can satisfy client's stringent security and reliability requirements. We also build the on and only non-stop, congestion-free internet connectivity environment which is ideal for exchanging circuit, traffic and E-Commerce, in which Telecom and Internet Enterprises can take advantage of.


Chief provides partners with Close Cabinet.

We provides clients with standard 19'' Close Cabinet with 42U height'',with dispensable front/back door and padlock security. We also provide non-stop power systems, air conditioning service, FE/GE/10GE Ethernet feeds, best routing network and specially designed dual-loop power supply, fire suppression system and 24×7 environment and traffic control.

Chief's BCP Proposal

  • Circuit/ Bandwidth
  • IPLC
  • Video Conference
  • Internet Access
  • Long distance phone call
  • Seat and Office Desk
  • Lights/Floor/Ceiling
  • Partition
  • Telephone
  • Utilities: water/ electricity
  • Air Condition
  • 24Hrs x 7 Security
  • Fax/Copy Machine & Printer 


BCP Network


Applicable target

  • Enterprises with the need of professional IDC management
  • E-commerce Service Providers
  • Band and insurance
  • Application service providers
  • System Integrators