About Chief IDC

Chief is a professional telecommunication service provider. As an IDC/Tele-Center service provider, Chief aim to maximize its partners' facility satisfaction and provides a 99.999% high availability and stability structure. In addition to the hardware facility, Chief has Type I telecommunication carriers' circuit and Type II value-added network operators' traffics under a comprehensive management system, professional facility management staff, flexible policies, and convenient location are add-on values to our customers.

Reliable Internet Data Center

Chief's Internet data center with 99.999 reliability is immaculate with redundant UPS backed by diesel generators, continuous air-conditioning, HVAC temperature control system and VESDA fire detection to meet the most stringent and mission-critical hosting requirements

Chief's Responsibility and Multiple Protection

  • IDC leading industry in Taiwan: Chief as the Asian telecommunications hub of IDC providers, Internet service providers and even outside connection bandwidth. It is Taiwan's largest international market and IDC industrial ecological market that enhance service security mechanisms.
  • Taiwan's high-quality internet Marketplace: combined with Chief's original members of international carriers which offer customers a diverse international connection resources and services that form Regional Cloud Market, Multi-national based Enterprises market, Global ICP market, Global Carrier market.


Characteristics of professional IDC/Tele-Center service:

A. Custom-made high quality infrastructures

  1. Professional facility construction and management service.
  2. Professional management team of custom-built facilities
  3. The 99.999% availability via dual loop design.
  4. 20A plug-in switch of every circuit, uninterrupted upgrade.
  5. Complete separation of electricity and telecom wiring ducts.
  6. High quality copper busway class F design.
  7. Ground resistance< 0.5 Ω
  8. Dual loop electric power, water cooling and telecommunication ducts

B. 99.999% electricity and backup systems

  1. Dual loop electricity from Taiwan Power Company
  2. Dual loop high-voltage transformer
  3. Dual loop uninterruptible power supply system
  4. Emergency power supply battery
  5. Continuous operation generator
  6. K-13 dual loop Trans-isolate power transformer

C. Dual loop air conditioning system

  1. Water-cool microcomputer thermostatic air conditioner
  2. Dual loop design
  3. Water cooling tower
  4. Refrigerant compressor
  5. 7-day water-storage tank
  6. Leakage monitoring
  7. The best working environment (Temperature of the air conditioner stands at 22°C +/- 1°C, humidity keeps at 50+/- 5%)

D. Fire precautionary detection and prevention system

  1. Concept: Prevention is certainly better than cure
  2. Connect the environmental monitoring system with smoke detecting system
  3. Use FM200 fire extinguisher
  4. Multi-detection to prevent false alarm & action from happening
  5. Use CO2 and powder extinguisher on the basement
  6. Provided with emergency operation procedure to avoid accidents

E. Year-round Nonstop maintenance center

  1. 24-hr patrol of guards and vehicle lane control
  2. Utilize fingerprint and card readers to conduct the entry and exit control
  3. Set up 360-degree monitoring and motion-detection systems for surveillance
  4. Year-round Nonstop network, security and building environment management
  5. Year-round Nonstop standby maintenance staff

Chief's reliable IDC includes:

Telecom Center

With abundant network resources, connectivity, and bandwidth, IPv4 and IPv6 supported, Chief is an important Internet Hub in Taiwan. 90% of Asia region submarine cables are landing in Taiwan, all service providers are located in Chief's Nei-hu IDC and use Chief's IDC/ Network services.

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Power System

With abundant network resources, connectivity, and bandwidth, Chief is an important Internet Hub in Taiwan. 90% of Asia region submarine cables are landing in Taiwan, all service providers such as Flag, ANC, Reach, are located in Chief's Nei-hu IDC and use Chief's IDC/ Network services.

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Fire Alarm System

  • Fire alarm system

  1. 4 hours battery backup for the Fire system.
  2. Water based, Dry-pipe Fire Suppression System will not be used.
  • Smoke exhausting system

  • VESDA system (Very Early Smoke Detecting Alarm System)

  1. Longer reacting time and longer evacuating time.
  2. Use ionized particle detector and photo-electrical detector.
  3. R-Type can use addressable detectors to find out which detector is sending alarming signals on the Central Monitoring System.
  • FM-200 gas auto fire extinguisher system

  1. The FM-200 will be released manually instead of automatically controlled by its Cross-zone detectors.
  2. Before releasing the FM-200, all the Air Damper and Circulation System will be cut off.
  3. No effect to the equipment and no electricity conductivity.
  4. No harm to human body. Can be used in places where operators are.
  • Escaping system

Emergency lighting with local battery back up (2 hrs) on every exit.

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Environmental Control System

  1. Can be connected to other system such as UPS, Battery, Generators, A/C Water Tank, and also expandable.
  2. Monitor the temperature, humidity, water and fuel leakage, fire & smoke, power switching, battery voltage, oil tank capacity and security entrance.
  3. Self-Inspection.
  4. All information is recordable.
  5. Can be connected to automatic pager and automatic call out system.
  6. Every monitored item has alarming system in environment system.

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Air Conditioning System

  1. Telecommunication room A/C and ventilation system:N+2 design. 20T*5 (3+2) design.
  2. Office A/C and ventilation system.
  3. Generator room ventilation system
  4. Power station and ventilation system
  5. UPS room A/C and ventilation system

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Security system

Designed with comprehensive security systems like multi-level security traps, 24x7 security officers, continuous taped CCTV monitoring, electronic and biometric access locks and personalized access to ensure ultimate security protection.

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