Managed Service

Device Monitoring 

Chief’s device monitoring service is solely available for SNMP-enabled devices. In order to perform the service, subscribers are obliged to provide relevant information or access allowance for traffic data monitoring and tracking.


System Monitoring 

System monitoring is the basic service for Chief’s IDC customers, which includes MRTG(Multi Router Traffic Grapher), system alarm.


Remote hand service 

Any customer using Chief's Co-Location Service will have level 1 service at no extra charge. But if level 2 service is needed, extra charge is needed. Unless stated otherwise, level 2 service charge will be calculated by times of service. 


Level 1 Services
  1. Simply pushing a button
  2. Simply switching a toggle
  3. Simply setting a dip switch
  4. Simple equipment power cycling (turning on and off)
  5. Securing cabling
  6. Observing, describing or reporting of indicator lights on machines or consoles
  7. Observing, describing or reporting of displayed information on machines or consoles
  8. Simply keying in an instruction through keyboard
  9. Tabling cables
  10. Simple re-arrangement of cables
  11. Simple tabling equipment
  12. Supporting placement of equipment on rack
Level 2 Services 
  1. Legal hardware upgrade
  2. Increasing memory
  3. Increasing hard disk
  4. Installation or reinstallation of legal software
  5. Conducting remote hand and eye support following customer's instructions