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Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) provides Azure ExpressRoute connectivity service in Taipei Now


Taipei – Mar.26 , 2019 – With the increasing demand for hybrid cloud services, as the most popular cloud services provider to Taiwan enterprises, Microsoft Azure announced the establishment of new Azure ExpressRoute Pop in Chief Telecom Neihu datacenter in Taipei in recent days. Today, you can easily enjoy the high speed, Taiwan-connected direct access to Azure global cloud platform through Chief Telecom – Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) services in Taipei.

As the first Microsoft ExpressRoute Partner in Taiwan, in February last year, Chief Telecom first cooperated with Microsoft to create the "Chief VPN + Azure ExpressRoute Cloud Service" in Taiwan, which provided a private connection service for Taiwan enterprises to connect to Azure. The private connectivity solution, based on Chief global MPLS-VPN backbone, provided a dedicated and short RTT reaching the global Azure cloud platform. Today, with Microsoft's opening of the Taipei ExpressRoute Pop in Chief Telecom Neihu datacenter, Chief Telecom launches the availability of Azure ExpressRoute connectivity service through Chief Cloud eXchange center. You can now directly connect to the Azure global cloud platform in Taipei, enjoy higher reliability, flexible speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than connections over the Internet. 

In general, through the shared Internet to connect to public cloud does not cost much and is very  convenient , but the public Internet has characteristics such as instability, high latency and low security that are also the biggest concerns when enterprises adopt cloud services. Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute service is designed to solve the security and efficiency issues and help enterprises to build their hybrid cloud services. Through Chief Telecom, Microsoft designated ExpressRoute partner, Enterprises can enjoy advantages of (1) improving connection reliability and throughput (2) minimizing the network roundtrip delay and packet loss (3) minimizing the security risks of data transmission, and focusing on enhancing their competitiveness and adaptability, and truly maximizing the benefits of enterprise hybrid cloud.

Johnny Liu, President of Chief Telecom said: “Chief Cloud eXchange (CCX) is designed for enterprises to construct their hybrid cloud environment via directly connectivity. Through Azure Taipei ExpressRoute Pop in Chief datacenter, enterprises can easily build up the private connection between their on-premise environment and Azure global cloud platform, thus not only having reliable, highly secure and redundant access to Azure, but also making it easy to build their hybrid cloud environment and embrace Azure's latest IaaS, PaaS and SaaS cloud services."