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Local presence and rapid access Chief Telecom launches enterprise cloud integrated storage service Strengths of Intel, QNAP, and Seagate are integrated to provide international class yet localize


Taipei, May 14 -- While foreign cloud service providers are competing for the Taiwan enterprise cloud market by offering Chinese-language cloud platforms, Chief Telecom, a Taiwan-based cloud service provider, leveraging the individual strengths of three leading IT companies, Intel, QNAP, and Seagate, has launched the Chief Cloud Integrated Storage Service (CCIS) catering to the rapidly growing enterprise cloud data storage market. The new service features world-class yet affordable technologies customized for Taiwan businesses.  

“Compared to major cloud service providers, our CCIS provides a full-function network attached storage (NAS) to enterprises. Enterprises can back up their data locally with high performance and store another two data copies in the Chief’s cloud data center at the same time. We hope to continue working with international IT heavyweights to provide an even better and more secure enterprise cloud environment,” said Huang Jenlang, Chairman of Chief Telecom. 


Localized enterprise cloud service launched in cooperation between Chief Telecom and three IT leaders 

As many companies around the world have embraced information business models, enterprise data has been rapidly increasing, but conventional storage and backup solutions require significant investment, not to mention their ensuing maintenance costs. In order to help ensure cloud data storage security, Chief Telecom launched its CCIS on May 14 by making even better use of its rich IDC(Internet Data Center) and telecom resources as well as the strengths of international IT leaders.

The CCIS applies the product capabilities of four leading IT and telecom service companies. Chief Telecom features the richest IDC network resources and local presence, supported by Intel® Xeon® E5 Processors, Intel® Cloud Technology, and Intel® Data Protection Technology (with Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions [AES-NI]). QNAP provides its enterprise network attached storage (NAS) equipment and Seagate provides its world-class storage solution, running Bigtera’s CEPH-based cloud storage software. These leading products, together with Chief Telecom’s readily available local support, enables Taiwan businesses are able to enjoy the end-to-end CCIS that is highly effective and secure.

Chief Telecom is also the first cloud service provider in the Greater China region to  join the “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” program, to provide  an integrated and localized enterprise cloud storage service in Taiwan. Intel’s “Powered by Intel® Cloud Technology” program makes it easier to identify cloud services running on Intel-based infrastructure, offering added service performance, reliability and security. This program exposes capabilities inside a cloud service that helps users to make more informed decisions, so they can choose the optimal workloads to run. Choosing the right instance can have a significant development and operations cost savings, or provide the performance required for more demanding workloads. 

Cost saving for massive enterprise data stored and managed on cloud enabled by CCIS

In mid-April, Chief Telecom launched its BOSSWIN, which is a cloud business application service customized for Taiwan small and medium businesses. BOSSWIN is Chief Telecom’s first step in enterprise cloud service development, and the CCIS launched today is an integrated cloud storage service customized for Taiwan businesses and the company's second step in enterprise cloud service development. The vision of Chief Telecom is to provide the best information and communications service to businesses by effective and ongoing integration of cloud computing and smart devices.

“Over the past few years, the demand for enterprise data storage has been rapidly increasing, but it would be a heavy burden on individual companies if they want to set up their own datacenters. In addition to the cost and manpower required for setting up datacenters, there are various other costs related to hardware upgrades and datacenter maintenance, ” said Huang Jenlang. “Our cloud center has an existing IDC as well as rich telecom resources, and now the strong support provided by Intel, QNAP, and Seagate enables our CCIS to make enterprise cloud solutions readily available to individual companies for them to use without their own datacenters. We are optimistic that our BOSSWIN series, including BOS168 and BOS588, and our new CCIS will help us develop a market presence around the world.”

“Chief Telecom’s CCIS service offers customers the performance, scalability and flexibility required to manage their growth in data”, said Intel’s Bev Crair, GM of the Storage Division.  

“The integration of a solution that includes QNAP’s NAS system, Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, 10 Gigabit Intel® converged network adapters, and Intel® Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Center Family, together with Bigtera’s CEPH-based cloud storage software, and backed by Chief’s local support capabilities delivers a highly-efficient and cost-optimized end-to-end solution.”   

CCIS’ resolution to enterprise customers’ five major concerns with cloud data storage

The CCIS has its local IDC to provide readily available, cost-efficient access to important enterprise data stored in its cloud center without expensive datacenter requirements at individual customers. Cloud storage subscribers are most concerned with data protection, where data is stored, risks of missing data, the time required for data recovery, whether storage capacity is sufficient, and whether the total cost of investment is too high.  

Therefore, businesses tend to be hesitant to subscribe to cloud storage. According to Johnny Liu, President of Chief Telecom, a major strength of the CCIS is its local presence to have full control of its IDC while enabling customers to have full control of their cloud data, easily resolving Taiwan businesses’ five most common uncertainties about cloud data storage as follows:

  1. Whereabouts of cloud data: Enterprise cloud service subscribers generally do not like to upload their important data to anywhere that they are unfamiliar with. Chief Telecom’s local IDC is “visible” to subscribers and they can always rest assured of readily available local support vis-a-vis the response time required by overseas CSPsif any irregularity happens.
  2. Real-time access: Addressing the issue of data access speed limited by bandwidth, the CCIS uses QNAP’s enterprise NAS equipment, powered by Intel® Xeon® E5 Processors, and Bigtera’s CEPH-based cloud storage software to place customer data in customers’ own storage gateways to ensure both effective access and customers’ full control of access authorization. In other words, customers are able to fully control the real-time access to, and security of, their data.
  3. Cloud storage security: The CCIS, utilizing Intel® AES-NI, enables fast and active encryption of data when they are uploaded and stored, providing multiple layers of protection to ensure more secure cloud storage.
  4. Affordability of disaster recovery: The CCIS provides remote replication and disaster recovery as soon as possible without significant investment from customers. Data backup-wise, the CCIS makes a backup in customers’ own storage gateways and the data uploaded to the CCIS cloud platform will produce two backups that are tightly protected. Therefore, the risks of data losses or damages are reduced to a minimum.
  5. Affordability: Existing cloud storage services in Taiwan charge not only storage space fees but also data traffic fees. The CCIS only asks for storage space rentals and provides free access to data in its cloud center. Extra fees will be charged only when data traffic exceeds designated storage space limits.

The CCIS is an international-class cloud storage service unprecedented in Taiwan.  Working with international IT heavyweights, Chief Telecom is the first Taiwan cloud service provider that lets enterprise cloud service subscribers enjoy the convenience of its local presence and full control of their data stored in the cloud.  


Product information

Enterprise subscribers may now go to the service website of BOSSWIN at to click on the integrated enterprise cloud storage service of BOS699, i.e., the CCIS, or go to the website of Chief Telecom at to download the service application form.  After applicants fill the application form and mail it to Chief Telecom, they will be contacted by Chief Telecom customer service personnel providing application and installation assistance.  Endpoint NAS equipment is leasable on an annual basis and available for many different years, while Chief Telecom has an open distribution channel policy that offers attractive commissions to distribution channel agents.              


About Chief Telecom

Chief Telecom was established in January 1991, and became a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom in 2006. In 2010, Chief initiated “Taiwan Cloud Computing Association” and is one of the founding members. Chief is also the First ISO 27001/ 27011 Certified IDC and ISP Operator in Taiwan. With our best coverage of telecommunication service worldwide, we have served many enterprises and multinational business corporations in Asia, and become the best partner for companies that want to start from Asia to reach each corners of the world. Chief’s comprehensive product lines, customized solutions, ability of implementation and business integrity are the reasons why Chief has become the most trusted, reliable and professional partner for carriers and enterprises when conducting global deployment and business expansion. Chief website for more information


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