Chief Dedicated Internet Access / Transit services provides enterprise and IDC customers with high-speed, global reach, optimal performance and security to meet a variety of business needs such as faster transit of voice, data, video and multimedia information.Chief IDC is the No.1 carrier neutral IDC ecosystem in Taiwan and gathers many of international and domestic carriers, service providers and enterprises within one building. Customer can buy or peer with many other famous networks via simple interconnection here. TPIX, the top two of Internet exchange point in Taiwan, has many of international and domestic famous ISP/ICP members. TPIX is a neutral exchange center and help members to exchange Internet traffic economically and effectively.

Why Chief?

Chief Data total solution connects business applications anywhere, anyhow regardless of physical location or access type. We provide global networking services in Taiwan, Greater China area and major commercial cities in Asia Pacific and US to fulfill enterprise's end-to-end demands by multiple IP-based infrastructures with high performance and security characteristics .


To meet the needs of enterprise customers in ICT applications, we can provide DATA and VOICE solutions to enhance operational effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises.

Success Story