IDC Value-added

With IDC facility as the core, along with the “value added application on demand” concept, planning a series of value added applications to support the needs of corporate sustainable operations and to meet information security legal requirements. Through monthly installment payment concept, IDC value added services can bring the enterprises the benefits of “safe, energy and cost saving” IDC value added services including: data backup, SSL VPN remote access, security (such as firewall, e-mail security hosting, IPS…), equipment rental (such as UTM, server load balancing…).



Chief’s SSL VPN Security Appliance series integrate cutting-edge SSL VPN technology for SMBs to establish private encrypted tunnels , without VPN software pre-installation in client PCs , through the public internet to securely access corporate resources from any location , such as a branch office, hotel , home , cyber café , or even a public kiosk. With remote access to the corporate network to share files , check e-mail , and download documents as if they never left the office.


IDC Backup service

Chief's backup service provides enterprise database duplication and recovery services. With Internet access, customer can backup important database in Chief's advanced Internet data center from remote site. By using AES 128/192/256 bit data encryption, the data transmission quality and security are guaranteed. Chief's backup and consulting services provide entire series of solution and satisfy customers' demand for enterprise database safety storage.


IT Security

Chief's intrusion Prevention System provides your enterprise with comprehensive intrusion prevention , behavioral anomaly detection and denial of service(DoS) protection from a wide variety of known and unknown , zero-day attacks .Protecting against worms , Trojans , pre-attacks probes , server cracking ,network flooding and other threats , this easy-to-use , scalable solution proactively prevents both network-and server-based attacks. With Security Update Service , Our 24x7 Security Center(SOC) provides subscribers with automated , weekly delivery of new attack signature filters as well as emergency and custom delivery of signatures.